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Kundalini awakening symptoms and implications

Updated: Jan 19

Kundalini activation symptoms were discussed from very ancient times and many opinions were collected over time.

The ancient spiritual traditions like Hinduism and yoga call kundalini a “mysterious lifeforce”, while my research into the energies convinced me that actually this lifeforce is just Mother Earth’s energy that keeps us all alive, see more details below.

What are kundalini awakening and kundalini rising

My research into the body's energies, and also following the connection between Earth's energies and the human body energies by visualization these energies and confirming with other very high souls that also are able to visualize these energies, led me to some conclusions.

Kundalini is actually Earth’s vital force that raises through the Sushumna energy channel along the spine and goes through all chakras from C1 (root chakra) to C7 (crown chakra). Since we are in the 3D vibration world, so quite low as vibration, the chakras are open just in the range of 1-10%, whereas root chakra is open on average just 4-5%, meaning the connection with Mother Earth who maintains life in our bodies is rather weak; this also explains why the average human life is not too long.

About kundalini awakening, kundalini rising, spiritual awakening
Kundalini awakening symptoms and implications

Don’t mistake kundalini activation with kundalini ascension, they are not the same thing; they are related, but not identical. Also, just to clear things out, awareness as indicating a certain level of consciousness, belongs to the soul and mind more, while kundalini to the body energy. Unfortunately, Hinduism, Buddhism, and yoga were contaminated a lot over the years by mysticism and confusion resulting many times in just dogma and lack of understanding of how higher energy truly moves around Creation, including through people’s bodies.

Put simply, a kundalini awakening or activation is a form of energetic awakening that causes us to transform on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Kundalini itself is a Sanskrit word that means “she who is coiled” and it refers to the primordial life force energy contained at the base of the spine that is often depicted as a snake. This serpentine energy, once awoken, travels up the various energy centers (or chakras) of the body and into your crown chakra where higher consciousness is triggered. The result of this higher awareness is a greater understanding of one’s soul, life purpose, and the nature of reality itself.

Kundalini awakening or activation means, among others, the person starts to awaken to the awareness that there are things beyond his five senses' perception, and starts a spiritual practice like a meditation practice for instance. Through his endeavors he reached the stage where the kundalini energy is stirred in his root chakra, the connection with Earth’s energies is acknowledged and re-established, and by his increased conscious awareness he brings more and more energy into his root chakra.

A true kundalini awakening is the result of a process actually, that takes time and effort. It doesn’t just occur suddenly without reason, it’s the outcome of this process. True that by rare exception it can awake wildly if certain factors are met, but when it happens since the awakening was not intended and followed organically by a specific practice, some trouble can arise.

Kundalini ascension is the next stage, where the kundalini energy is led upwards through the chakras, which were previously opened, so as to reach the 7th chakra and further merge with the cosmic energy. Along the process, also the person’s soul increases his awareness and reached the 7th chakra vibration, meaning he reached enlightenment.

Kundalini awakening vs. spiritual awakening

I noticed that many times kundalini awakening and spiritual awakening terms are considered the same, which is not true. The spiritual awakening process (or spiritual ascension) belongs to a heightened spiritual understanding, and also tends to be emotional and psychological.

Kundalini awakening, on the other hand, belongs to the body's energies and therefore energetic. It’s an ever-increasing energy flow you feel from the root chakra and ascending through your spine, or at times surges of energy that may be either gentle and gradual, or sudden and intense.

While kundalini awakening usually comes further down the road after someone has experienced a spiritual awakening, it doesn’t always. Kundalini can arise suddenly in response to psychedelic drug experiences, sexual encounters, or traumatic events.

Another distinguishing factor is that kundalini energy is felt very physically, whereas the spiritual awakening is usually mind and heart-oriented, and also more exterior-oriented, so one feels being merged with everything around. During spiritual awakening, there is more of a soulful quality of deep questioning, insight, and transfiguration, while during kundalini awakening intense vibrations and heat may be felt in the body.

Kundalini awakening symptoms

The kundalini awakening symptoms differentiate into main symptoms and secondary symptoms as follows. The symptoms of kundalini awakening vary from person to person, so no precise and unique set of such symptoms can be expected to occur to everybody.

Main kundalini awakening symptoms

Along the process, if the chakras above the root chakra are open correctly and in the right sequence, then the spiritual might get symptoms of the kundalini rising through the chakras according to opening more his chakras.

To unclog his chakras, to open the way for kundalini to rise, one needs first and foremost to release his limiting beliefs.

The main symptoms of kundalini awakening are as follows:

  • In general feeling more peace inside,

  • Fewer fears,

  • Feeling above most daily events, especially the mundane ones that once took you a lot of attention and energy before the awakening

  • Feels more balanced than before,

  • Feeling less attached to material things

  • Getting a balance between his masculine and feminine aspects and being not only one-sided,

  • Pleasurable sensations pulsate through your body

  • Feeling intense grief for the planet and all suffering beings

  • You’re inspired to make big, life-altering decisions and authentic changes in your life

  • Getting a higher understanding of the causes of reality around us,

  • Your empathic abilities increase and you can feel everything at a profound level

  • Getting an easier connection with your soul and spiritual guides.

  • Tapping into your past life experiences or even other people's.

The above kundalini awakening symptoms are some main examples of such symptoms, but other types can occur.

Secondary awakening symptoms or dark kundalini awakening symptoms

Along with the main awakening symptoms, there might occur also secondary symptoms, where some might be less pleasant, like:

  • some occasional intense shivers, thrills, and shaking of the body due to the energy moving through the body.

  • you struggle to sleep properly

  • your nervous system becomes hypersensitive to external stressors (loud noises, bright light, TV violence, EM fields) and craves peace and solitude.

  • you struggle to distinguish what is real from imagined (psychosis tendencies) and feel like you’re going crazy

  • you have visual disturbances that can feel alarming (e.g., objects seeming to vibrate)

  • you experience intense heat, vibrations, or electricity surge through your body

  • feeling shattered (fragmented) or like you have no center

  • manic and exuberant energy or the opposite, chronic fatigue (sometimes alternating)

  • frequent lucid dreams

  • feeling raw and extremely vulnerable

  • seeing lights or hearing music that isn’t there

  • developing the Savior Complex

  • out-of-body experiences where you might connect with your soul

  • visual and hearing changes

  • panic attacks and feelings of terror

  • strange food cravings or aversions

  • developing strange, undiagnosable physical symptoms that may manifest as autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, nausea, etc.

These kundalini secondary symptoms are sometimes also called dark kundalini awakening symptoms.

An important point is not to mistake kundalini awakening symptoms with just energy surges that occur in certain circumstances in just about any person, a thing that makes many people that know a bit about spirituality think they hit enlightenment and just got realized just like that, with no effort or very little. Energy surges just come and go, and you are just the same as before.

What is a failed kundalini awakening

For instance, in my healing practice, I get people with all sorts of symptoms like high energy head pressure, feeling very unbalanced, or starting to hear voices in their heads, etc which are basically the secondary symptoms mentioned above. These people went to doctors who didn’t find anything wrong after medical scans and investigations. They tell me they had a “kundalini awakening” after doing some spiritual procedures. Actually, from a long personal practical experience with this kind of issue in my practice with clients, the kundalini awakening symptoms can be tricky to discern and pinpoint, so I advise seeking the help of a competent spiritual guide. It is anyway a challenge to discern among the kundalini awakening symptom and their true causes, but if we add the kundalini rising symptoms the challenge increases.

When I spiritually scan persons that stated they had a failed kundalini awakening, many times I find they actually have their body energy fields shattered, got holes in them, many lost access to Earth's energy, and in some cases even got lower vibration entities stuck to their body energy fields, a situation called partial possession; I then struggle to clean them, and it takes time and effort.

The rule of thumb is that if someone feels only the secondary symptoms but without the principal symptoms in the longer term, especially if these transform into true health issues like energy-head pressure, dizziness, and so on, I advise him to go first to a medical investigation. If the medical investigation doesn't yield any results, then check with a competent energy healer what happened with his body energy fields, and in no case start to think he just got a kundalini awakening and is heading towards enlightenment.


If you are on your spiritual path and working to progress, I advise always to stay grounded and hold on to some safe references about your actual health and status. For this, do some regular medical check-ups, and also check with some independent higher soul, spiritual healer, etc to do you a spiritual reading, a spiritual and energy diagnosis so as to know where you stand. By doing this you get feedback and know if you progress in the right direction or not, and do not self-delude yourself.

Be cautious about practicing without guidance procedures and techniques read in some books; it might apply to some people but not to you. One needs advanced spiritual discernment to know by himself which spiritual procedures benefit him and which do not and that might even hurt him.


You can learn more by reading other posts on this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.


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