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How to Balance the material life with the spiritual life

This challenge of balancing the material life with the spiritual one has always been a challenge for any spiritual whatever his soul awareness was, including the enlightened ones.

Balancing the material life with the spiritual life

We do live in a multidimensional world, where our soul takes a body to experiment with life and grow in vibration. Humanity bodies are as vibration in the 3D (D-dimension) range, or the 3rd chakra vibration. Since we all are antennas every person body emits and receive vibration in the range of believes we accumulated through our life experiences. For instance, if you are an angry and suspicious person, that’s what you’ll emit around and that’s what Creation reflects back to you in life scenarios, it’s that simple.

Or if your subconscious belief is that money and being rich is a sin, something to be avoided, then Creation will take care to always put you in scenarios full of scarcity, of being poor, nothing you’ll try ever works out, etc. Meditation can help you that much in balancing the material with the spiritual, since meditation aim more to connect to higher vibrations and not so much to your body vibrations, and hence your limiting beliefs that gives you issues in this material world stay put in your subconscious.

I saw very many spirituals including very reputed gurus doing meditations for 40 years and never ever reached a balance between material life and spiritual life … Why? Because they didn’t understand the aspects I mentioned before.

So, to balance the material world with the higher dimensions one needs to work on the limiting beliefs he/she carries in his/her subconscious (body/mental energy fields) and release them, and do follow-up afterward to prove he assimilated in practice the lesson.

Moreover, one needs to release his limiting beliefs on All his levels corresponding to his chakras vibration. For instance, for root chakra he has to release survival limiting beliefs like fear of death, fear of change, fear of lack of money, etc., while for chakra four, the heart chakra, he has to release the belief of Separation, that each is for himself, we are in an all-out cut-throat competition, etc., and so on.

Only by releasing in a structured manner his limiting beliefs a person can reach a chakra balance in his body, and so have a strong, steady, and clean flow of prana through all his chakras since kundalini ascends now easily through all chakras and reaches the crown chakra unimpeded.

Actually, if someone releases all or at least 80–90% of his limiting beliefs he is heading towards enlightenment.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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