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Understanding the Rainbow Body, the Lightbody, and Physical Ascension

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ascend your physical body from this realm and transform into a higher being of light? The concepts of the rainbow body of light, Lightbody, and physical ascension provide an opportunity for seekers to explore the end result of such spiritual transformation. I will introduce you to all three of them in this article so you get a general understanding of what they are and what they are good for.

I am using my higher vision to check on the souls and higher energies involved, and also my spiritual knowledge about how this universe functions on all its dimensions of vibration.

The human body's energy fields

Before discussing the rainbow body of light and the Lightbody, I need to give you the fundamentals of how a human body is built out of energy.

Throughout history, spiritual traditions learned about the existence of a universal energy present in all nature, including in human bodies. Many spiritual traditions gave this universal energy different names like the Hindu spiritual tradition called it prana, the Chinese called this energy chi, and the Christian tradition religious called it holy light and appeared in old paintings like a halo around the heads of saints.

This energy field is constantly moving, flowing, and expanding and contracting under the pressures coming from outside the body, and from the ones inside the body.

In modern terms, every living organism in the universe including human beings can be seen as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical and cellular systems. These energy fields consist of layers, known also as subtle bodies, which vibrate at higher frequencies than the physical body. These systems are superimposed on one another in the same space. Together they play a fundamental part in the functioning of a human being.

Although several energy systems have been used over time to refer to these human body energy fields, I will below refer to the most used one system which is the seven energy layers system, which in turn is connected with the seven chakras. It’s worth to mention that each individual person has some personal unique attributes that also reflect in these energy layers., in intensity, size, vibration, etc.

body energy layers, rainbow body, lighbody, body vibration, physical ascension
The body 7 energy layers model

The lower subtle bodies are laid by the acupuncture meridians of different vibrational densities. This shimmering subtle body energy changes its colors and even emit higher sounds according to one’s mental and emotional state.

What is the Rainbow Body?

The Rainbow Body, also called the Rainbow Body of Light, is an ancient spiritual practice that involves developing a perfected state of being through spiritual practices and experience. This is often achieved by activating our energetic fields through meditation, yoga and other disciplines to become more connected with higher states of consciousness. It is believed that once fully activated, the rainbow body can enable one to achieve enlightenment.

The Rainbow body process of ascension is particular to Tibetan Buddhism, like for the Kagyu Lineage of it. The concept of the Rainbow Body is an ancient process of spiritual transformation. It is a form of cosmic ascension in which our physical body is replaced by a new, higher lightbody. This transformation can be experienced through living in consciousness and consciously manifesting our highest vibration. The rainbow body creates a unity between the physical and spiritual realms, allowing us to achieve our ultimate potential. When we work with this higher energy we are likely to experience profound healings and accelerated spiritual growth. As a spiritual progress on the rainbow body journey, he will more easily attune to higher vibrational frequencies and find himself increasingly in a vortex of bliss. This is the ultimate goal of physical ascension in which our cells align with our higher selves and evolve into a form of light energy. The rainbow body practice will also the practitioner in advancing further along paths of spirituality, wisdom, and knowledge. Finally, by the embodied transformation of the physical body at its most fundamental level, one can access divine realms and ultimately unite with the Source itself.

Although the Rainbow Body is an advanced spiritual practice, it is accessible to anyone with an open heart. Nevertheless, it requires a deep dedication and commitment to doing the inner work. This could involve meditation, breathwork, yoga, and other forms of spiritual practice. As long as one keeps his focus aligned with his highest goals and intentions, the spiritual can even personalize his own unique method for walking the rainbow body light path.

This will help him in transcending his physical limitations and create a greater connection to the Source energy that allows us to embody our true divine nature and move through life with ease and grace. There are documented cases of persons who didn’t follow the strict Tibetan schools of rainbow body and still reached it in their lifetime.

The Buddhist Tibetan schools aimed to reach the rainbow body use the Dzochen tradition which includes the Trekcho and Togal phases for developing the rainbow body. Simplifying things, a lot, they consider that our body is made of 5 basic elements, and by continuously cleaning the body for each element vibration of all its limiting beliefs, eventually the body reaches such a purity and high vibration that it leaves its physical form and morphs into light.

What Is the Lightbody?

In addition to the Rainbow Body, there is also the concept of a Lightbody. This is a higher energetic frequency that can be accessed through meditation and other spiritual practices. Once this higher vibration is attained, physical ascension becomes possible. When the Lightbody is awakened, it can produce miraculous healing and profound spiritual expansion. Working with this energy can help us to achieve greater spiritual growth and awaken our highest potential.

The Rainbow Body is part of the full Lightbody since it focuses on the first 5 body energy layers including the physical one, while the Lightbody includes layers 1-7. Nevertheless, when one reaches a high level in his Lightbody evolution of levels 2-7, eventually the physical body will also be impacted.

The Lightbody, also known as the Merkabah or "vehicle of ascension," is a spiritual lightcraft made of interlocking fields of energy and consciousness that surrounds our being. It is a gateway for higher states of consciousness, allowing us to expand our awareness, access divine energies and remain connected with Spirit, and even travel. It is associated with spiritual transformation and physical, mental and emotional ascension into higher realms of existence.

Lightbody evolution, physical ascension, rainbow body
Lightbody evolution

The Lightbody is composed of various layers, including the Rainbow Body, and vibrates with the 7 chakra colors and impacts our physical health and well-being. As we raise our vibration through spiritual practice and conscious living, we create a stronger connection with our Lightbody. When this connection is achieved, one may experience greater access to the divine realms and become attuned to higher energies such as love, joy, and peace.

Understanding Physical Ascension

The process of activating and unlocking our Lightbody including the physical level is also known as Physical Ascension. It involves purifying one’s body, mind, and spirit so they become aligned with the energies of the universe. When this alignment occurs, it creates a frequency that resonates in each chakra, resulting in an activation of its power.

When this alignment happens on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, soul), the energy moves through our bodies creating an ascension process that impacts also our physical health and well-being. This union gives us access to pure divine energy which increases vibrational frequency allowing us to expand our consciousness and ultimately ascend in enlightenment.

Working on Your Lightbody and Physical Bodies for Conscious Evolution

Working on your Lightbody and physical body is essential to achieving the conscious evolution of both soul and physical body. Establishing a balanced connection between them can help to create an increase in energy, creativity, and productivity while allowing one to experience more clarity and focus on the task of the ascension process. It will also assist in aligning thoughts with actions, refining intentions, and utilizing more powerful spiritual tools to facilitate monumental shifts within.

Furthermore, a good balance creates the opportunity for profound spiritual revelations which renews one's faith toward a higher purpose. The first step towards conscious evolution is to focus on connecting with your Lightbody and developing an understanding of the energetic highways that make up its core system. Engaging with healthy meditation practices such as awareness meditation, breath work, visualizations, sound healing, and others will help to activate the dormant energy centers which store important information about limiting beliefs, ancient lineages, multidimensional realities, and collective subconsciousness. This knowledge can then be applied to expanding one's physical capacities for the purpose of creating an overall healed reality. Expanding this level of awareness is key for re-establishing balance between both bodies so one can move through their own ascension process in an empowered way. Working on a physical, energetic, and spiritual level at the same time creates powerful tools to help us in our conscious evolution journey. Our physical body is being presented with the opportunity to move into higher vibrational frequencies while we learn how to adapt and respond to different energies through our Rainbow/Lightbody.

By merging all bodies, we are able to become aware of interdimensional connections hidden within our subtle energy fields which can transform how we experience physical reality.

Additionally, if we focus on maintaining healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly, eating organic food, and getting adequate sleep - combined with actively working with our Lightbody - we can access higher aspects of ourselves that will raise our body vibration and guide us towards our highest evolutionary potential for this lifetime.


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