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What is the Rainbow Body of Light - A Deeper Understanding

Updated: May 5, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reach a very high state of consciousness both as soul and body? With the Rainbow Body of Light you can explore this higher vibrational state through a process of spiritual awakening, spiritual ascension, and connecting with the divine. This guide will provide you with insight into what this means and its main elements.

First, I will present you with the ancient terms and descriptions of the rainbow body of light. Then I will tell you the results of my spiritual research in this subject by using my higher vision and spiritual ability to evaluate the vibration of souls and bodies of the ones who reached this ultimate accomplishment.

Understand the concept of the Rainbow Body as the ancients know it

The rainbow body is an ancient term for a specific state of enlightenment found in many spiritual traditions. It is the highest form of consciousness of both soul and body and is usually associated with the complete dissolution of the physical body into light. To reach this elevated state, practitioners must understand what it means to be in a rainbow body and strive to cultivate the qualities associated with this spiritual experience.

The rainbow body is an enlightened state of being in which the physical body and material world dissolve into pure light. It is considered by many ancient spiritual masters the highest form of consciousness, a union between a man and the divine, and a complete liberation from all suffering. The rainbow body process covers both soul and body vibration ascension vs. spiritual ascension which is much better known and which involves only the soul ascension.

About Rainbow body, rainbow body of light, rainbow body buddhism
Rainbow body of light

To experience this level of connection to the highest spirit, practitioners must first build up qualities of truth, love, understanding, oneness, compassion, and joy as part of their daily practice. They must also strive for total mastery over their thoughts and beliefs, allowing them to observe all things from a higher spiritual perspective. Finally, with faith and devotion to their spiritual path, they will eventually be able to reach the rainbow body state – a pinnacle in the journey to ultimate enlightenment. To reach this all-encompassing state, adherents of the rainbow body practice must dedicate their lives to studying and understanding the divine. They must embrace teachings from various eastern philosophies and spiritual traditions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. Thus, they must develop an awareness of their inner selves in order to move closer to integration with the divine. As they achieve this through regular meditation and contemplation, they eventually learn how to sense energies beyond those perceptible in the physical world. Over time the practitioner's spirit evolves and strengthens until ultimate enlightenment is achieved – when they become one with the infinite truth of eternal being.

The rainbow body concept is specific to Tibetan Buddhism. There are several traditions here that aim to develop and attain the rainbow body of light. In Dzogchen tradition for instance, the rainbow body is the result of the practice of tögal (direct crossing over) among other practices, representing the final realization of enlightenment to the level of a Buddha at the time of death, or immediately following in the Bardo. The energy of the subtle body is withdrawn from the gross, physical body, and the material of the body itself is replaced by a body of light, or the emanation body of a Buddha.

This process is sometimes described as being accompanied by unusual meteorological phenomena such as rainbows (some of the non-standard shapes), colored lights emanating from the body or around the dwelling, and rains of flowers, perfume, and so on. From this rainbow body phenomenon, the name of this very high spiritual achievement comes.

Understand the Power of Prana and Kundalini Energy

To unlock the power of the Rainbow Body of Light, it is important to understand prana and kundalini energy. Prana is the universal life force energy that flows through all living things, while Kundalini energy is the energetic potential stored within a person’s root chakra. When these two forces combine and become interconnected, they give rise to a powerful multidimensional experience.

When these two energies meet and combine, they create an elevated state of consciousness where the physical and spiritual worlds are one. This elevation of the senses allows for a person to become aware of the power of their higher self and connect with the spirit realm. It is this heightened understanding that helps to unlock creative potential and access insights into life lessons. The Rainbow Body of Light experience is a powerful tool to explore one’s personal connection to transcendence while also helping people to heal mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wounds.

About Rainbow body, rainbow body of light, rainbow body buddhism
The rainbow body in ancient spiritual traditions

Practice meditation and spiritually cultivate your body

To achieve a rainbow body, regular meditation and yoga practice are essential. The rainbow body meditation will cultivate a greater understanding of the self and the world around us, while yoga exercises will help build physical flexibility and strength. For this, the adept needs to follow a strict discipline that includes practices like mindful breathing, visualization of inner light, and chanting mantras to further enhance your journey toward a rainbow body state. Additionally, he needs competent spiritual guidance on his path to the rainbow body. In addition to meditation and yoga, Diet is a major factor in achieving a rainbow body. Eating raw, unprocessed foods that are organically grown and full of nutrients will ensure your body and mind are receiving the best fuel for this journey. Drink plenty of water to nourish your cells and keep hydrated throughout the practice. Regular cleansing rituals or fasting are incorporated at times in the practice. While meditation and yoga can provide a range of physical, mental, and emotional benefits, by adding the physical element and practicing together your body may attain what is known as the “Rainbow Body.”

This is achieved through experiencing the various energetic colors within your aura, or energy field. Focusing on cultivating this energy during yoga postures and breathing meditations can help create an energized state of empowerment and inner peace.

Learn the 5 colors and elements to purify your body energies in Tibetan Buddhism

In Tibetan Buddhism, the physical body is the skandha (Sansk., aggregate) which is made of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space. These 5 elements each are considered to represent a fundamental vibration in our bodies, and altogether they make up what we are. Because life is how it is and we are contaminated with all sorts of limiting beliefs, we eat junk food, etc, the 5 elements are distorted, are not clean anymore.

Now, the ultimate aim of an adept of this spiritual tradition is to “clean” so well his 5 main elements of his body so that

1. Earth reverts to the color yellow

2. Fire reverts to the color red

3. Water reverts to the color blue

4. Air reverts to the color green

5. Space reverts to the color white

When an adept achieves each of the pure 5 colors at the same time, then he can reach one of the three kinds of rainbow bodies. The Tibetan rainbow body ascension is very much based on this process of special purification.

Fully accomplished Dzogchen practitioners can dissolve their bodies at the time of death into light. Successful Dzogchen practitioners can reverse the manifestation process of usual life where a body densifies along age, by refining dense matter back to pure light/energy.

Tibetan monks and witnesses to the phenomenon describe three different kinds of effects on the body itself:

  • typical, like the body shrinks dramatically in size up to 80%

  • higher, when the body disappears altogether except for hair, nails, and teeth in the days after death

  • a third kind of rainbow body, "the rainbow body of great transference", which is considered the highest possible involves the adept transforming into pure light while still alive - Padmasambhava in the 8th century has done this when he left Tibet together with his wife, and a handful of other high masters.

The culmination of Dzogchen practice is the realization of the “rainbow body” or “body of light,” which corresponds to the formulation or generation of the “mental body” (sambhogakaya) referred to in the Pali Canon.

My spiritual research into what the Rainbow body truly is

First I have to stress that the rainbow body attainment is far beyond the typical spiritual goals of even advanced spirituals! To get a glimpse of the difficulty of it, I will introduce you to a scale of spiritual achievement that measures the difficulty to reach a certain goal.

If we use as reference school education, consider the typical person as spiritual level being in 1-2nd grades, main religions in 3-4 grades, yoga and chinese spiritual schools (qigong, taichi, etc) in 5-10 grades depending of the specific school, some very niche and occult spiritual schools inaccessible to public cover the 10 -12 grade and even university level in spiritual terms. In this example consider that as a university-level graduate you are supposed to have reached enlightenment as a soul, so your soul reached the 7th chakra vibration, while the average soul now on the planet is on average at 3.5 as vibration (chakra scale).

But you know, all these high souls even after reaching enlightenment like Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tze etc. so reaching spiritual ascension still had bodies, isn’t it?

Well, reaching the rainbow body is even harder as an achievement since the spiritual needs to reach with his body a vibration higher than 5.0 chakra level and stay there for a long time! It corresponds to the difficulty of achievement as getting a Nobel prize for physics in my scale of spiritual achievement, so much higher than spiritual enlightenment that corresponds just to a university graduate.

About Rainbow body, rainbow body of light, physical ascension
Rainbow body and physical ascension

You have to consider that while the soul is just one entity, our bodies are made of over 50 trillion cells (1 trillion=1000 billion), and each of them needs to raise its vibration into 5D and hold there!

Proof of the rainbow body of light

For rainbow body proof, check this video presentation of the subject done by David Wilcock who’s a very high soul himself. You will see rainbow body photos and movie clips with monks before they died and after they died and reached the rainbow body, and testimonials.

David Wilcock doesn’t actually understand how the process happens, or the Tibetan monks for that matter who say that their colleague made the ascension in the rainbow body, but my spiritual research results tell that what happens is the following concerning the dissolution of the body into light. For this explanation, I will use modern terms and abandon the ancient ones.

Immediately after death and the adept' soul departure and who does the spiritual ascension, the adept’s body disintegrates in a matter of hours or days because a large percentage of his body cells also reached 5D vibration and thus make the physical ascension in 5D vibration level.

Therefore, after death, since the body cells are not still forcefully held together as when the soul was present, the 5D vibration body cells follow their natural vibratory tendency and leave towards the 5D plane and thus disappear from the 3D eyes of the surrounding witnesses because of the huge frequency gap between 3D and 5D. What remains are the leftovers like a few hard bones, hair, and teeth that couldn’t be converted fully to 5D vibration during life because of their very high physical density, and therefore remain here in 3D plane.

The rainbow body is the first manifestation level of “physical ascension” in 5D.

The next level of physical ascension is for even higher souls who make the ascension being alive and not have to die first, but there were very few such souls as the documentary above shows since one needs to harness over life much more energy/prana/chi to convert to Light (whole physical ascension occurs at 5.5D+ vibration) at 100% his body including all bones, hair, teeth … Flesh, blood and the rest of tissues are much less dense and hence easier to convert than teeth for example.

The usual rainbows that occur over the place where such a high soul ascends are the result of his body that dissolute into light (ascend to 5D), and also the presence of very high disembodied souls who come to witness such a great spiritual event and welcome his soul.


This article is just a glimpse into the rainbow body phenomenon. How to achieve the rainbow body is the subject of a very high spiritual school, and can’t be part of a post. Practicing the rainbow body meditation for instance should be done only under supervision.

The Tibetan monks that reached the rainbow body used Dzogchen (highest perfection) spiritual tradition, and togal which is the highest path of the “nine vehicles to liberation” in Tibetan spiritual schools. The practice of trekchö that David Wilcock mentions in his presentation is one of the main practices of Dzogchen.

I’ve done quite a lot of research concerning the physical ascension procedures actually, and the rainbow body is one of the very few proofs of such ascension.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, or Healing limiting beliefs, or Compatibility for lovers, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.



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