Ways to achieve enlightenment

Updated: May 28, 2020

Ways to achieve enlightenment

Well, enlightenment can be achieved in the following ways:

1. Just live your life fully aware

The “normal” path as per intended by Creator: you just live your live fully aware you are a soul using a body to experience life, a thing you feel true from inside of you; truly Live it, not just as a mental information from a book! As such, 1) you observe carefully every experience in order to learn, 2) you do NOT react from your body emotions (eg fear, hate, greed, lust) but only from your soul suggestions, and do what needs to be done in the flow of the Now moment, 3) accept people and events around as they are without judging, 4) live your life as everything is connected, not separated.

On this path you do not need any meditation, spiritual procedures and the like.

This path was followed for instance by the Indian hero Rama (described in Ramayana), a full enlightened soul, before 1000 BCE. He just went with the flow of events, did what needed to be done even if he had to battle, didn’t judge anybody, accepted events as they came (and he surely went through hardship!) but stood his ground with compassion and determination.

2. The spiritual way

It means that since you realize you are not able to take the normal path that Creation offers us, you look for props like spiritual procedures: meditations, initiations, spiritual music, mantras, asanas, and so on. A vast literature is available about the subject so I won’t explain further.

Examples of people getting enlightened this way is Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu, Vivekananda, Yogananda and some others.

3. The devotional path

The devotional path. Here you kind of give-up to your initial destiny as a soul on this planet and devote all your life to become One with a higher enlightened soul. In time and if you truly devote yourself like in the tenths of years and renounce to everything else (!) you become that soul. In other words the enlightened soul so to speak takes control of your body and “you” (it’s a discussion here who is “you” in this case) become enlightened.

An example is in the 19th century is Ramakrishna who got enlightened like this by devoting himself to the deities Kali, Rama, Krishna …. He went also through all sorts of yoga schools and also tried several religions, but basically he took the devotee path.

I do not know other paths for enlightenment …

Paths 2 and 3 can be mixed generally, but the first one, the “normal one”, stands alone for me.

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