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Energy Head pressure and its causes

Updated: May 22, 2023

In this post, I will discuss some of my findings in my practice as a spiritual guide and energy healer concerning energy head pressure that impacts a good number of spirituals, but also ordinary people if they undergo an unconscious spiritual awakening. I exclude in this discussion any head pressure feeling belonging to a physical medical condition like a brain tumor, accident, etc.

What is energy head pressure?

What is spiritual pressure? Practicing meditation regularly over time is a positive thing that beyond an extended awareness will also bring a large amount of higher energy to you. Studies show that this will help in enhancing empathy, improve cognition, is a natural stress stabilizer, promotes emotional health and well-being, increases attention by inducing a state of flow, raise awareness, decrease pain, and other benefits.

The point I want to make is that in meditation the energy (prana or chi) will be brought mainly through the crown and Ajna chakras into the body. If caution is not exercised, this additional energy will put more and more pressure on the energy subtle fields of the head. The result is that unless your connection with Earth is excellent, you risk head pressure and dizziness, head pressure feeling, feeling that you can no longer follow up a thought, loss of memory, and poor general condition. Spiritual pressure in real life can be very painful. The headaches of spiritual awakening can be really painful, especially over a long time. This will negatively affect your spiritual health and further your spiritual growth.

About head pressure, releaving dizziness, and head pressure feeling,.
Energy head pressure

How the energy flows throughout the body

The energy (prana/chi) flows in a circular pattern in our bodies. Ideally, it should flow unimpeded, but in real life we develop all sorts of blockages along its trajectory due to our limiting beliefs mainly. The ancient Chinese spiritual Taoist schools called this energy path a “microcosmic orbit” and denote a full orbiting of energy through the front and back of the body.

Microcosmic orbit, prana flow, head pressure, and front channel.
Microcosmic orbit

The microcosmic orbit is a way to gather and channel all the stray energies in the body, and raise them up from the root chakra to the crown chakra. An orbit is followed, beginning in the root chakra, up the back along the spine, and ending at the crown chakra. The orbit is completed as energy descends along the front of the body, back down to the lower belly.

While the energy travels along this kundalini microcosmic orbit, some specific energy reservoirs in our body are replenished, which means this energy is available to all other meridians and organs. Maintaining this circuit running smoothly is the best way to cultivate health and long life, while at the same time preparing the way to soul evolution.

In the 1930s, Richard Wilhelm described the benefit of the circling of light in his translation of the “Secret of the Golden Flower”, a Chinese Book of Life. This ancient text was transmitted orally for many centuries before being written down only in the eighth century.

The circling of energy/chi is considered by Taoists an alchemical or transforming process. When the light circles long enough they believe that it crystallizes and the body is transformed, or in modern terms the body vibration increases significantly. We attain the natural spirit-body, and this body is formed “beyond all heavens.” The sages claim in the Secret of the Golden Flower that the only tool we need to master is this concentration of thought on the circling light. This circuit includes also the energy that yoga calls kundalini.

The above proves that this circuit is studied since very ancient times by some ancient spiritual schools, and issues belonging to its correct functioning were well known.

This practice of microcosmic orbit over a long time done by many spirituals also highlighted some microcosmic orbit dangers connected with kundalini awakening that should be taken into consideration when adopting such a practice.

Head pressure causes

In light of the above, you will understand now more easily when I tell you that in my practice of spiritual healing and energy healing, I met many spirituals who suffered from this condition.

The main cause of their head pressure or head pressure kundalini feeling was that the front channel of their microcosmic orbit was blocked due to some factors, like:

  • limiting beliefs in the subconscious

  • wrong diet,

  • some strong fears and worries active in the long term,

  • other factors

The head pressure kundalini symptoms cause a drop in one's quality of life and real pains. So the "pressure in my head" spiritual meaning is 1) ignorance of how energy travels into the body, 2) major chakras unbalance, and 3) front channel blocked.

A limiting belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way. Limiting beliefs are held in one’s subconscious. Everyone experiences limiting beliefs, but learning how to identify them can help you proactively prevent these beliefs from limiting you.

Limiting beliefs can also keep you in a negative state of mind, hindering you from encountering new opportunities and life experiences while wreaking havoc on your mental health. That’s why it’s so important to not only work on your self-awareness and self-esteem but also recognize unconscious biases.

Our set of beliefs creates our reality in very practical terms, because they attract what we believe in, and repel what goes against our beliefs.

The limiting beliefs are the main factor that blocks the energy flow. Actually, any factor mentioned above belongs to some kind of limiting belief, but for explanation purposes I preferred to separate them into several categories. The spiritual pressure meaning is in other words a result of the lack of attention one gives to his own limiting beliefs in his subconscious.

Spiritual awakening and Kundalini awakening

In my practice as a spiritual healer, I noticed that especially people who went through some degree of spiritual awakening or kundalini awakening (they are not the same) have a rather high chance to suffer from this syndrome. Paradoxically, the better meditators have a higher chance to suffer from energy head pressure since these are more efficient in bringing in their body larger amounts of higher energy.

Especially an overactive kundalini triggered during spiritual practice can quickly lead to this syndrome of head pressure.

The problem lies with the fact that many practical details known by some spiritual schools in the ancient time were lost along the transfer of spiritual knowledge from East to West, both because of time, translations issue, a very long string of in-between people who heavily distorted the knowledge, and lack of spiritual masters with advanced practical knowledge.

The West and also the East now are full of spiritual schools that have huge gaps in practical spiritual knowledge, even if they try to follow some ancient spiritual theoretical guidelines and principles.

Divine feminine and divine masculine energies

All people, whether men or women have both divine masculine and feminine energies in them. The two are expected to complement each other.

For instance, masculine energy as a character is more of a builder, draws and follows plans, has direction, is focused, has ambition, and has a compass in life, but doesn’t have access to energy (e.g. intuition, sensitivity to energies, connection with higher dimensions).

The feminine energy is characteristic for nurturing others, is triggered by emotions mainly, has lots of empathy and tenderness, has intuition, has full access to energy and gives it to others, etc. On the other hand, one can’t follow a plan, doesn’t judge, it’s very difficult to take decisions, and so on.

Both types can have positive or negative attributes obviously, depending on the person’s choices in life. The two aspects were designed to ideally complement each other.

Important to understand is that in practical terms an imbalance of the two types of energies will block the microcosmic orbit and impede the energy flow.

How to relieve head pressure

There are two main ways to relieve one head’s pressure. You can find how to deal with head pressure in another post of mine here, but I give you below a practical short solution.

The Chinese medicine approach

In this approach, one uses the services of a Chinese doctor/herbalist with advanced practice in Taoism medicine, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He will check your energy pulse, check your meridians, and devise a plant-based potion that you take regularly. In weeks to months, an improvement can be noticed. This approach works on the effects i.e. the energy blockages in you.

The organic beliefs release approach

In this approach, you work directly on releasing your limiting beliefs and this raises both your soul and body vibration. By doing so you also unblock your chakras and clean the microcosmic orbit energy flow path, thus allowing the energy circuit to turn efficiently and bring the much-needed energy to your body organs and preserve your health and energy reservoir. Additionally, it will give you lots of support in raising your soul awareness.


In conclusion, the "pressure in my head spiritual meaning" is shortly put the effect of practicing spirituality without competent supervision.

For unblocking the microcosmic orbit and thus relieving the head pressure feeling the TCM alternative could be quicker; the disadvantage is that the issue can easily return since the cause of it i.e. the specific limiting belief, hasn’t been fixed.

The second alternative belongs to working directly on the causes i.e. limiting beliefs, so an organic approach we could call it, will definitely fix the issues with much fewer chances of the issue returning. The disadvantage is that on average it takes longer than the previous approach.

Personally, as a spiritual guide and healer, I would recommend you the last approach, but of course, it all depends on how much you suffer, in which case you might take the first approach.


You can learn more about spirituality and soul growth by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than the spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site so to learn your soul and body vibration and also get a spiritual diagnostic, or attend the spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness, and reach into higher dimensions.



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