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Kundalini head pressure and how to deal with it

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

A good number of spirituals, especially in the last years since spirituality and spiritual procedures like meditation are ubiquitous, complain at one point in their spiritual practice of kundalini energy pressure, kundalini headache, or kundalini head pressure.

What is kundalini energy pressure or head pressure?

This pain of kundalini headache can be part of a general kundalini awakening process that pushes to surface all sorts of limiting beliefs we keep in our subconscious. When kundalini reaches the head it can cause a “kundalini head pressure” that can affect significantly our well-being.

The spiritual headache symptoms can include:

  • dizziness, unable to focus

  • constant head pressure, kundalini headaches

  • you struggle to sleep properly

  • your nervous system becomes hypersensitive to external stressors (loud noises, bright light, TV violence, EM fields) and craves peace and solitude.

  • you struggle to distinguish what is real from imagined (psychosis tendencies) and feel like you’re going crazy

  • you experience intense heat, vibrations, or electricity surge through your body

  • feeling shattered (fragmented) or like you have no center

  • chronic fatigue (sometimes alternating)

  • feeling raw and extremely vulnerable

  • panic attacks and feelings of terror

  • strange food cravings or aversions

  • developing strange, undiagnosable physical symptoms that may manifest as autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, nausea, etc.

The kundalini energy pressure can occur also as a secondary symptom of a kundalini awakening process gone wrong, at least partially.

What’s the energy flow structure in the human body

When explaining to my students or in articles about the structures of the body energy fields, for simplification I use many times the model used in general terms by the microcosmic orbit model, which was established long ago by the Tao-based spiritual schools. I use it because it’s simple to understand since it’s closely related to a water plumbing system that anyone has at home and can easily figure out how energy flows through channels similar to water through a plumbing system.

On the other hand, in truth, the body's energy fields resemble more of a superimposed pattern of layered energy fields of different vibrations.

A simplified view of such a pattern of energy-layered fields you can see below

About body energy fields, kundalini head pressure, kundalini symptoms
Human Energy fields

Although the chakras are painted in the picture above, they do not resemble these shapes, they are in the picture just to give you an idea of their location. Also, the energy fields do not actually have a color in reality, it’s used just to discriminate between the overlapping energy layers.

The important thing is to bear in mind that the body energy fields are of very high complexity in reality, and far from the plumbing system structure used many times and which is just a simplification. The very few advanced spirituals who can actually “see” these fields can witness these very complex energy field structures. Our energy system is more like clouds of gases that merge and mingle and sometimes cramp up, and which are contained in the powerful energy matrix governed by our soul. These different colored gas streams are our thoughts and emotions and when we try to suppress these thoughts and emotions they sort of “freeze “and we experience them as blocks in our minds and body.

The reasons for energy problems in our head belong to suppressed thoughts

The head chakras belong to the third eye chakras and crown chakras and have to do with the mental part of our being which consists of our thoughts and beliefs on the intellectual and even spiritual levels. When we experience energy head pressure we are literally suppressing certain thoughts that we do not want to think. It is this suppression that we experience as head pressure and it happens completely unconsciously.

In time, these thoughts build up as a limiting belief which in turn will “solidify” the energy at the level of our heads, which turns into energy blocks and will put pressure on our head energy fields and we will feel it as an energy head pressure.

If you wonder why average people without any spiritual interest don’t generally run through these energy pains, the answer is that average people also often unconsciously suppress certain thoughts, but due to their greater unawareness they do not feel so much the pain of this suppression, their body energy fields are of lower vibration and hence are generally “numb” to higher energies.

The inner conflict due to suppressed thoughts and kundalini rising

Kundalini awakening and then kundalini ascension is a process, it involves the entire body. The problem is that our body cells, and more so our body parts like organs, have different vibrations from the start and hence can’t progress at the same pace altogether.

Therefore, during the kundalini ascension process, an energy tension develops among these parts, and some parts tend to remain behind as vibration due to the thoughts and beliefs that block their progress as mentioned above.

So, this is the inner conflict that plays itself out in our head chakras, the fight for spiritual insights and authenticity on the one hand, and the resistance of our old ego (limiting beliefs, suppressed thoughts) that is not yet ready to accept some humbling insights on the other.

What kind of thoughts do we suppress?

In my experience, most people with head pressure suppress thoughts belonging to some main categories :

  • lack of self-critical thoughts, lack of humbleness

  • worries

  • strong fear

  • cravings

  • ego-based, like lust for power

These people have generally a very good opinion of them, they do not criticize themselves. When others criticize them, they either completely ignore it or get really angry. Forgiveness is not their strong point either, and are rather vengeful even if they try to conceal it, and they keep grudges for years and even decades.

From practice with many clients, I found that also worries and strong fears can cause these kundalini energy head pressure, but in a smaller percentage relative to other causes.

However, in order to be a spiritually mature person it is important that we clearly see our many flaws (without beating ourselves up about them) and then get to work to eliminate these flaws.

I found that those people who have a high opinion of themselves are most prone to pressure in the head chakras during the kundalini awakening and further ascension process.

About body energy fields,  kundalini ascension, kundalini energy
Body energy fields

How to deal with kundalini head pressure pain

First thing is to differentiate between Causes and Effects. The Causes are the thoughts and beliefs we hold on to and which block chunks of energy at our head level and cause us pain. The Effect is the pain itself of energy head pressure.

We should act on both Cause and Effects, just that releasing the Causes takes considerably longer since we have to “fight” ourselves, i.e. with our lack of forgiveness, of humbleness, of self-critical thinking, of grudges, of fears – basically with our ego so with “what we are”, and this might take quite a long time. On the other hand, if we succeed to release the Causes it’s a definitive solution, actually we graduate a Major Life-lesson on our path in life, and I guarantee you will raise considerably your awareness/consciousness levels both as soul and body!

On the other hand, working to release the Effects (the head pressure pain) take much less time, just that even if it relieves the pain now if the causes are not fixed the pain will return rather shortly.

For advanced spirituals who gained access to large amounts of kundalini energy, when kundalini reaches the head they go through lots of pain if they didn't yet release their limiting beliefs and suppressed thoughts that block energies there.

Procedures to relieve the head pressure pain

These procedures you find below are aimed to relieve the Effects, the pain you feel as head pressure.

The Waterfall procedure

If you are doing any spiritual or meditation practice that focuses on your head like the third eye, crown, kundalini rising, or any practice that causes energy to rise - stop that immediately! Don’t do those practices again until your symptoms are completely gone.

You can try to relieve the head pressure pain by practicing the following “waterfall procedure”. A good place to send your excess energy is to your navel.


  • One way to get the excess out of your head is to focus on - concentrate on - your navel. Think about your navel. Feel your navel.

  • Put the tip of your tongue gently on the roof of your mouth immediately behind your front teeth. This connects the energetic circuit that speeds the flow downward.

  • If you are good at visualizing, imagine a waterfall coming from your forehead (or crown) down along the front of your body into your navel. Feel the energy draining down.

  • Let go of anything you are holding in your head. Let it relax, let it fall, and let it drain down to your navel.

  • Since the energy follows one’s intention, keep your mind focused on your navel. Keep feeling your navel.

The fire method


  • Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth

  • Think of a ball of fire as being the energy block in your head

  • Visualize the crown chakra as a downward-facing bowl

  • Imagine that drops of gold or white rain drip down from the bowl into the ball of fire, both feeding and calming it. Make small circles on the roof of the mouth with the tip of your tongue when imagining it.

  • Continue until you feel relieved

How to deal with the Causes of head pressure

As mentioned before, you need to work on releasing the limiting beliefs and thoughts you hold on to in your subconscious. You can use this spiritual service to achieve this, just that if you enter this process you need the mindset to follow it through, and not give up after just a few weeks. Think that things that cause you trouble now as beliefs and thoughts you collected over decades of life and they can't be released in just 2 weeks; you need probably some months, or even a few years to release especially the most difficult ones, so give the process a chance.

Be sure that at the other end of the process you will be a much improved human being than before from many points of view, including your destiny.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, or Healing limiting beliefs, or Compatibility for lovers, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.



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