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How to know if your kundalini is truly awakened in you

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Have you been feeling an increased intensity of spiritual energy coursing through your body, and wonder if it might be a sign of a Kundalini awakening? This guide will help you learn how to tell if your Kundalini is awakened by looking out for certain physical and mental signs.

Understand the Nature of Kundalini Energy

To know if your Kundalini is awakened, it’s important to understand the nature of Kundalini energy first.

Ancient spiritual traditions say that Kundalini energy is an ancient Indian spiritual power that is believed to be held in the base of the spine and can reach up through different energy centers along the body called chakras. When fully activated and unblocked, this ancient wisdom can lead to great insight and clarity as well as a profoundly elevated state of consciousness.

My spiritual research concerning kundalini energy is that it’s no mysterious power as Hinduism and yoga think, but true divine science of energy moving in Creation. It is actually Mother Earth’s energy that rises up the spine and eventually merges with the cosmic energy in the crown chakra. Our body was designed to become ideally a physical conduit for Earth’s energy that merges with the higher cosmic energies throughout our body. Concerning this kundalini ascension, in order to happen one has to become “enlightened”, that is maintain his chakras open and clean of any 3D energies that clog the chakras like fears, worries, anxiety, agitation, envy, etc.; only then one can be united with the rest of Creation.

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Kundalini awakening signs

Kundalini's awakening symptoms and implications are a complex subject that involves many factors on several levels as I described in another post of mine. In this post, I will focus on the main categories of factors involved which can be more easily detected.

Knowing if your Kundalini is awakened requires you to pay attention to your 1) bodily sensations, to your 2) psychological, 3) emotional, and 4) spiritual states.

Signs that the Kundalini energy is stirring can include

  • a tingling sensation in the base of the spine that begins to move up through the body with a feeling of heat or energy.

  • you may experience visions,

  • a heightened sensitivity

  • a strong sense of intuition,

  • feeling overwhelmed or uneasy during the process.

If these sensations continue to grow in intensity over time, it could be a sign that your Kundalini is awakening. On the other hand, just to stay on the safe side, it’s better to be cautious and do some medical scans to be certain these are not effects of some health condition you have and doesn’t know about it. Then it’s safe to explore if it’s a kundalini awakening process.

There are huge numbers of signs which may be different from one person to another. However, you should expect that at least one of these signs will be there for everybody.

The Kundalini awakening stages also differ from person to person, but they usually touch every aspect of your being; mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Uncover the Physical Symptoms of Awakening

The physical symptoms of a Kundalini awakening are often referred to as Kriyas (Sanskrit.). Common physical signs can include heat and warmth, trembling, shaking, and spontaneous movements of the body.

Physical sensations may also include a tingling sensation along the spine and in the extremities. Some people have described it as feeling like electricity moving through your body. Additionally, Kundalini awakenings can be accompanied by strong emotions and mental clarity.

Kriyas are typically associated with physical and energetic changes, as well as strong sensations. However, it is important to note that Kundalini awakenings can affect a person differently depending on the individual’s body type and energetic constitution. The kriyas may be subtle or even nonexistent in some cases. The best way to know if your Kundalini is awakened is to be aware of the physical and psychological sensations that you experience when meditating or exercising, and compare them to known descriptions of Kriyas.

The physical indicators that the Kundalini energy is stirring, can be

  • occasional trembling or shaking of the limbs,

  • heat and warmth, especially around the spine

  • jerking back muscles

  • pains in the tailbone and coccyx

  • spontaneous breathing patterns

  • change in diet and nutrition

  • change in sleep patterns

These sensations may be either pleasurable or uncomfortable but usually progress in strength until completion. Kundalini awakening often feels like you are being filled with a strong, creative force that can assist you in achieving a higher level of spiritual awareness.

If a person experiences any of these changes during meditation or exercise, then it is likely that they are experiencing Kundalini kriyas or an awakened state.

Other potential symptoms of Kundalini include heightened intuitive awareness and the ability to manifest things more quickly. These can be difficult to measure on your own; however, you can take note if things suddenly enter your life without explanation.

In some cases, people may even feel their whole body shaking. More intense symptoms such as nausea, muscle spasms and muscular rigidity can also occur when the Kundalini energy moves from one chakra to another.

Interestingly enough, these physical experiences are often associated with the transformation of old dormant energies into higher states of consciousness.

Kundalini-induced Mental and Emotional States

One of the key indicators that your Kundalini may be awakened is through improvements in your mental and emotional state. If you find for instance that you have increased clarity and are able to think more deeply and creatively, this could be a sign that your Kundalini has been activated.

Other signs of an awakened Kundalini include

  • heightened empathy,

  • greater self-love and

  • higher levels of confidence

  • changes of mood

  • you may find that your communication with others is more effortless,

  • your ability to make decisions based on intuition rather than logic or reason.

  • the fear and worry you normally experience could be replaced with trust in yourself, your life’s purpose, and the universe.

  • increased insight and clarity of thought.

  • the feeling of being overwhelmed

On an emotional and mental level, you may start to experience feeling compelled or inspired to take action on your newfound inspirations, often driven by an urge to connect more deeply with your soul’s purpose.

In some cases, people start having profound dreams or visions that bring inner wisdom and help them move toward greater self-understanding.

Spiritual signs

Concerning kundalini awakening spiritual signs, you may also find yourself experiencing moments of deep insight or spiritual connectivity where it feels like you are tapping into a higher level of consciousness. This might manifest as flashes of intuition or feeling a sudden connection to higher spiritual knowledge.

Moreover, if you suddenly feel a strong urge to take action toward fulfilling your soul's purpose, this could also indicate an awakening of the Kundalini energy.

Some other spiritual signs of a true kundalini awakening can be:

  • Awareness of internal energies, intuition, and inner truth

  • More Compassionate

  • Synchronicities and even miracles

  • More connected to higher vibrations

  • Sense of purpose and destiny

As always, it’s important to seek guidance from experienced professionals to help gauge whether these experiences are linked to an active Kundalini energy or something entirely different.

Failed kundalini awakenings

From my practice as a spiritual guide, there are also quite a lot of failed kundalini awakenings where the process started but was diverted the wrong way due to a number of factors. Therefore, it’s not that easy to confirm the signs without outside competent help. For instance, some pains could be normal along the process, but the same pains could also indicate a failed kundalini awakening in which case the pains won’t go away and need prompt attention.

The Potential Dangers of a Kundalini Awakening should not be taken lightly, they can lead to severe and prolonged pains, mental health issues, body energy fields disruption, and further even to being invaded by foreign low entities, a process called possession that many times need an exorcism or spirit clearing action.


Ultimately, there’s no clear-cut list of the signs that mean you’re experiencing Kundalini awakening. It’s important that you realize that the list of signs has no limits whatsoever. For some, it might be an emotional upheaval, ego death, identity crisis, thirst for spiritual growth, seeing or feeling energy, and the list goes on and on.

For sure a successful kundalini awakening will increase your body vibration, align you better with your optimal path in life, and boost your spiritual growth!

Because everyone’s experience is different, so will the signs they recognize as part of awakening. One thing that usually stands out is the physical and emotional reactions in your body which generally are easier to confirm than the spiritual ones.

If you have doubts about your kundalini awakening process, if it’s true or not, and if it’s true if it runs correctly, then you could have a high-level spiritual diagnosis that can check on it among other spiritual parameters.



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