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How do I know if my Kundalini is awakened?

Updated: Mar 2

Many people asked themselves what Kundalini energy truly is beyond being a mysterious life force or identifying with the Shakti goddess as Hinduism and yoga claim. Moreover, they try to figure out what Kundalini's awakening is.

I give below a modern explanation that aligns with our current knowledge of the universe and our collective spiritual awareness. When Hinduism and yoga first emerged, the ancient human understanding was very different.

Feeling connected to your intuition and the universe may indicate that your Kundalini is awakening. You may find yourself more in tune with your inner voice and thinking beyond the obvious.

However, if these signs are not accompanied by other reliable indicators, they might be mistakenly interpreted as signs of a kundalini awakening.

What is kundalini

In my spiritual research and personal experience, I've discovered that Kundalini energy isn't what it’s stated in yoga and Hinduism. Instead, it's a manifestation of the Earth's energy that sustains our bodies. Our survival itself depends on the Earth's energy, which is present in the form of food, water, air, and other sources that we use to nourish ourselves. Additionally, did you know that the Earth emits energy that we absorb through our feet? It's true! This energy enters our bodies through our root chakra and helps us feel more grounded and connected to the world around us because our body is Earth’s energy as everything around us!

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How do I know if my Kundalini is awakened

Kundalini is awakened in all humans or else you wouldn’t be alive, it just depends to what degree. I advise the ones interested in awakening their kundalini energy to :

We all know that there are certain things in life that we can control, and those are the things we should focus on. Correct and constant application of the above characteristics can lead to Kundalini awakening.

Kundalini's rising and soul awareness level

Some enlightened masters can measure the openness of your chakras and the vibration of your soul and body on the chakra scale, which indicates your awareness level. This level is dependent on the degree to which the Kundalini is awakened.

The energy of Kundalini rises up the Sushumna channel along the spine when we begin to unclog our chakras of energy blockages given by limiting beliefs. This unclogging is achieved by releasing limiting beliefs from our subconscious. As a result, Kundalini energy increases the supply of higher energy to our body's organs, improving our body's energy balance and ultimately our health. Increasing the opening of your chakras can help you connect with the world around you and gain a deeper understanding of life.

The ultimate outcome of kundalini rising is an increase in your level of soul awareness. Your soul uses your body to undergo life experiences and learn, thereby increasing its awareness. Certainly, this kundalini rising progresses in specific steps that shouldn't be forced.

How do I know if my kundalini is awakened?

To determine if we go through a true kundalini awakening, we have to distinguish between Sensations and Outcomes.

If the conditions mentioned before are fulfilled, the spiritual will start to experience stronger sensations at the base of his spine first like jolts of energy, energy movements, and short surges of energy. He will actually feel the kundalini energy starting to rise along his spine (Sushumna channel), but sensations can differ quite a lot from person to person.

As your Kundalini starts to awaken, you may feel dramatic fluctuations in energy, mood, and appetite. You may feel lethargic one minute, yet full of energy an hour later. These mood swings can also impact your appetite - one day you might feel like eating large quantities of food, but the next day you might not have any appetite at all. If these changes persist over time, it could be a sign that your Kundalini is awakening.

Other physical and mental signs of a Kundalini awakening can include heavy emotional fluctuations, spinal pain, a sudden urge to meditate or practice spirituality, lucid dreaming, heightened intuition and clairvoyance, emotional sensitivity, increased focus, and more. If you’re feeling any of these sensations strongly and consistently over time, it may be a sign that your Kundalini has begun to awaken.

Ultimately, the only way to know for sure is to speak with an experienced teacher who can help guide your journey.

Mental and Physical Sensitivity to Stimuli

When your Kundalini is awakened, you may notice that you become more sensitive to seemingly everyday stimuli. This can range from environmental triggers such as loud sounds, bright lights, or strong smells to emotional responses such as sadness, fear, and anger. This heightened sensitivity can take some time to adjust to and will be your body's way of telling you that you need to pay more attention to taking care of yourself.

As your Kundalini energy continuously rises, you may also start to feel physical sensations such as twitches, vibrations, or surges that travel up and down the spine. As Kundalini is a powerful source of creative energy, many people who experience its awakening may also see an increase in feelings of creativity and intuition which can manifest through artistic projects such as painting or writing. It is an exciting exploration into the realm of spiritual awareness and personal transformation.

Experiencing Unexplainable Aches and Pains

Another common sign of an awakened Kundalini is the onset of unexplainable aches and pains throughout different parts of your body. These pains can be described as anything from a dull throbbing to sharp, stabbing sensations and will usually come and go. But if you've noticed that these pains keep recurring despite making changes to your lifestyle or diet, it's possible that your Kundalini has been activated.

Kundalini awakening also brings about an overall sense of discomfort, due to the physical and energetic changes that are taking place in your body. While it's normal for people to feel a certain level of discomfort as their Kundalini rises up their spine, this feeling should not be overwhelming or so intense that you are unable to function. If it is, be sure to reach out and get guidance on how to safely manage this energy. When your Kundalini is awakened correctly and balanced, you should experience a deep sense of peace and wellbeing despite any discomfort.

If the pains repeat themselves regularly, are rather intense, and don't seem to go away, you should ask the assistance of a qualified medical professional to be sure the pains don't originate from a health condition you might incur.

Embracing Your Expansion and Transcending Limitations

If the above sensations are not just fleeting ones and the kundalini awakening is a true one, then in time the kundalini rising should produce consistent outcomes like activations of higher abilities (siddhis) i.e. being able to feel and even control energies (prana), able to connect to disembodied souls, connecting with Earth, with nature, and so on.

One sure way to tell if your Kundalini is awakening is to check in with your body. Listen to how you're feeling and notice any changes. If you find that your senses are heightened, that you're experiencing tingles or other sensations, or that there are signs of spiritual release (including the feeling of bliss or seeing visions), this could be a sign that your Kundalini has been activated.

Additionally, many people experience physical reactions such as shaking, twitching, and heat rushing through their bodies when the Kundalini energy begins to awaken. If you're unsure, speak with a spiritual practitioner who can help you determine whether or not this process is underway.

As a spiritual guide and healer, I've met quite a lot of spirituals who felt all sorts of sensations and were convinced they were going through a kundalini awakening, but upon closer look, they were just surges of energy coming from their lower chakras, and not constructive, consistent ones.

Once you've confirmed that your Kundalini has been awakened, it's important to embrace the process and all its stages. Allow yourself to be open to new ideas and information, as your consciousness is likely to expand during this time. You may find yourself feeling like you're transcending limitations that have held you back before, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional barriers.

You better have a regular spiritual scan or reading of your soul and body energies from a competent spiritual healer or spiritual master so you know how you stand, and if you really go through a kundalini awakening or just something different.


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