How do I know if my Kundalini is awakened?

Updated: Aug 21

How do I know if my Kundalini is awakened? Is it worth working on Kundalini awakening?
How do I know if my Kundalini is awakened

Many people asked themselves what truly Kundalini is, beyond being a mysterious lifeforce or identified with Shakti goddess, as Hinduism and yoga state. Moreover, they try to figure out what "Kundalini awakening" is.

In my research, Kundalini is actually Earth's energy that projects in our bodies as the main vital source of energy that keeps our bodies alive. Without Earth's energy we wouldn't have even been able to stay alive. Food, water, air, energy, etc, are all manifestations of Earth's energy that we use every moment to keep our bodies alive. Earth emits its energy to all living creatures on its surface, and we receive it through our feet and further up it enters our bodies through our root chakra.

Kundalini is awakened in all humans or else you wouldn’t be alive, it just depends in what degree. I suggest the ones interested in this subject to 1) do their meditations, 2) work on their subconscious beliefs, 3) take care about their diet, 4) reconnect with Mother Earth who gifted your body, 5) choose wisely with what kind of people you mingle ….. these are the things under our control that we are supposed to deal with in a life.

Kundalini awakening increasing is just an effect of applying correctly and constantly the above.

Some truly enlightened masters can even measure how open your chakras are, or how high your soul and body is, which in turn rests on the degree the kundalini is awakened.

Kundalini energy starts rising up the "Sushumna channel" along the spine once the spiritual starts to unclog his chakras of lower energy. This is done by releasing his limiting beliefs.

By doing this, the kundalini enhances the feeding of body organs with higher energy and improves the health of that person. Moreover, by increasing the opening of your chakras you will increase your energy exchange with Creation around, and start getting a higher understanding of life.

To determine if we go through a true kundalini awakening we have to distinguish between sensations and outcomes.

If the conditions above are fulfilled, the spiritual will start to experience stronger sensations at the base of his spine first like jolts of energy, energy movements, short surges of energy, he will feel the kundalini energy starting to rise in his spine (sushumna channel), etc; sensations can differ quite a lot from person to person.

If the above sensations are not just fleeting ones, and the kundalini awakening is a true one, then in time the energy rising should produce consistent outcomes like activations of higher abilities (siddhis) like being able to feel/see energies, able to connect to disembodied souls, forecasting the future, connecting with Earth, with nature, and so on.

I've met quite a lot of spirituals who felt all sorts of sensations and were convinced they were going through a kundalini awakening, but upon closer look, they were just surges of energy coming from their lower chakras, and not constructive, consistent ones.


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