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Why is Kundalini associated with sex?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The subject of Kundalini and sexuality has tended to be avoided in the West, and much less so in the East, due to the different worldviews of the two. The intersection of sexuality and spirituality in general is generally a sensitive subject in the West. I will explain below why the two are linked in spirituality, but not in the archaic terms of Hinduism and Yoga, but in modern terms.

My findings are based on my spiritual research using my higher vision to examine energies and souls. I have also confirmed my findings with other individuals who possess this ability.

Eastern religions and yoga describe Kundalini as a "mysterious life force" that sustains us. However, this explanation may not suffice for modern readers. Below, I will provide a more contemporary explanation of what truly is kundalini and what its energy is used for.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini energy is Earth’s vital force that rises through our feet, enters our root chakra, and further upwards through the spine (Sushumna channel) and goes through all chakras from the root chakra to the crown chakra. Since we are in a 3D (D - dimension of vibration, or chakra scale) vibration world, I found the chakras are open just in the range of 1-10% for the average person. Moreover, the root chakra, where the kundalini energy resides, is typically only open at 3-4%. This means that the connection with Mother Earth, which sustains life in our bodies, is relatively weak.

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Kundalini meditating at waterfall

Most spiritual practices, whether from the East or West, focus primarily on meditating on the upper chakras (4 to 7) and tend to neglect or give little attention to opening the lower chakras (1-3). It is true that opening the lower chakras is more challenging than the upper ones and does not yield results as quickly. As a result, there is often confusion surrounding the lower chakras, including the topic of sexuality.

Kundalini, chakras, and prana movement

Above the root chakra we have the 2nd chakra (svadhistana) which governs the reproduction instincts and sexual feelings, and kundalini energy feeds this chakra as well on its path upwards. Since the average 3D person on Earth is body-focused, meaning that mentally he is fully attached to his own body, he doesn't care too much about the soul (subject of developing chakras 4-7).

Therefore, he is rather sensitive to energy movements in the inferior chakras 1- 3 whose vibrations are aligned with the material reality around. We have chakra 1 the root chakra - Muladhara which governs our connection with Earth and survival instincts, chakra 2 - Svadhisthana which governs the strong emotions that belong to sex and reproduction, and chakra 3 - Manipura, which belongs to will, and ego.

As a result, the average person feels strongly when there is a surge of Kundalini energy, or energy coming from food, drinking, drugs, or other sources through the root and 2nd chakra, since it overloads it and gives peak feelings, like during an orgasm.

From an energetic standpoint, an orgasm is a brief but very intense and short release of Kundalini energy that travels up the spine from the root chakra to the crown chakra, resulting in the discharge of excess energy from the root and second chakras.

The human body is designed with a mechanism that requires a significant amount of life-force energy to conceive new life. In fact, it takes approximately one-third of the vital life force of a body to do so. This is why people often feel exhausted after an orgasm. It can be seen as a form of sexual kundalini awakening, but only for a brief period of time.

Actually, for that few seconds or tenths of seconds of orgasm, the individual is truly “enlightened” (no thoughts, peace inside, no worries, bliss feeling, etc), but falls back immediately because his body can’t sustain this kind of energy for long. Additionally, his energy conduits are energetically clogged because of the low-level food and drink he takes in, and also due to the many limiting beliefs in his subconscious that he harbors.

Therefore, sex is paramount for all people and governs their life, whereas the sex subject occupies many of their thoughts. When someone undergoes a kundalini awakening the energy flow has a chance to balance inside the body and reach chakra balancing, and thus the sex impulses could decrease to an acceptable range if some adequate measures are taken.

Some spiritual traditions like kundalini tantric yoga try to fix this aspect. They know that kundalini energy needs first to go through a process of kundalini healing, then kundalini awakening, and only afterward to work on kundalini rising.


The subject of sex is not inherently wrong, as it is a natural aspect of human biology that serves the perpetuation of the species. However, the issue lies in how humans handle it. Some spiritual schools, such as Tantra yoga, attempt to address this issue, as do other more mature spiritual schools.

In ancient India, people lacked scientific knowledge, so explanations like the one above would have been meaningless to them. Anything beyond their direct experience was considered magical and associated with a deity. Therefore, kundalini energy (the Earth's energy) was linked to a goddess, Shakti, and people had a deity to pray to in an attempt to get an idea of what kundalini was.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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