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The war in Ukraine and humanity shift from 3D to 4D consciousness level

Updated: Jun 26

Everyone's discussing the war in Ukraine and pointing fingers at the Russian Federation. Let's take a step back and explore the causes from a broader, more spiritual perspective.

In the past decade, the energies flowing to Earth from the galaxy's center have been ramping up significantly. While these energies impact the entire galactic sector, including millions of planets, our main focus is, of course, on Earth.

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Humanity shift from 3D to 4D consciousness level

The big Shift and resolving conflicts

The idea is that these higher energies add extra pressure, helping everything that's alive to move to a new level of vibration. For humanity, this means a quick jump from 3D to 4D awareness. The big issue is that 3D is full of individual and global conflicts.

In 4D, these conflicts don't fit the higher vibration and need to be resolved before moving up. It's like a 2nd grader needing to pass all their subjects before moving to 3rd grade.

There are two main ways to resolve these long-standing conflicts, which have built up a lot of negative energy over the years:

  • Long-term: Through communication, diplomacy, third-party mediation, and practicing higher principles like Acceptance, Understanding, Peace, and letting go of Revenge. This slowly releases negative energies without causing too much imbalance but takes hundreds of years or even more.

  • Short term: By releasing accumulated energies all at once, like in wars (e.g., Ukraine, WWI, WWII), terrorist attacks (e.g., 9/11), or pandemics (e.g., Covid, polio, Spanish flu, smallpox, plague, cholera). It takes a much shorter time like decades, but involves lots of clashes to release the conflictual energy.

Here's what you need to get: the universe runs on a set of fundamental laws, kind of like how Windows runs a computer. These laws are non-negotiable and control everything. One of these key laws is that "Energy must stay balanced." So, if something throws energy out of whack anywhere in the universe, automatic systems kick in to set things right again.

Letting go of subconscious beliefs and raising awareness

The 3D vibration level is marked by conflict, both within individuals and on a national scale. These conflicts stem from limiting subconscious beliefs like "I deserve to take without giving," "Everyone's a thief, so why should I hold back?", "I only care about my own well-being," and "I'm not good at anything". Each of these beliefs generates energy that eventually causes problems for individuals, and when multiplied by nearly 8 billion people, the resulting negative energy is immense at humanity level and needs balancing.

This universal rebalancing mechanism has always existed but was less intense when the planet's energies were more moderate, as they were for the past few thousand years. However, starting around the 1950s and accelerating rapidly, especially with the energy leap around 2012, the frequency and magnitude of these events have increased, causing agitation, anxiety, and insecurity for many.

In 3D terms, this translates to conflicts between major powers, geopolitical tensions, resource struggles, refugee crises, famines, and more. But these 3D issues actually originate from higher dimensions, like 4D and above.

Humanity is currently facing a 3D graduation test to progress to a 4D vibration. These tests are challenging because old habits are hard to change, both individually and collectively. Looking at future timelines, I foresee the next 2-5 years being particularly turbulent, leading to a peak in energy release and rebalancing, which will be physically uncomfortable.

The best we can do is improve ourselves, practice efficient spiritual procedures, free ourselves from these controlling energies and subconscious beliefs, to stay above these events. By doing so, solutions will always be within reach. 

The higher you raise your vibrations in both soul and body, the more your reality will shift to match those higher vibes. This leads to fewer conflicts, nicer people around you, better life opportunities, and alignment with your life's purpose. Did you know that we live daily events at the vibration level of our body' and not of our soul's?

I am wishing you lots of love, inspiration, inner peace, and a clear path for your soul during these challenging times.


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