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The war in Ukraine and humanity shift from 3D to 4D awarenesS level

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Everybody is talking about the war in Ukraine and its causes blaming everything on the Russian Federation. Let’s talk from a higher vantage point and look for its causes in a higher dimension of vibration.

Especially in the last ten years the energies coming to Earth from the center of the galaxy have intensified more and more. It is true that these energies come over the entire galactic sector Earth is part of and therefore over millions of planets, but in the end we are most interested in our planet.

Galaxy and Earth
Humanity shift from 3D to 4D awareness level

The great shiFt and solving conflicts

The idea is that these higher energies create a major additional pressure that facilitates the ascension to a new level of vibration of all that is alive. In the case of humanity, we are talking about an accelerated shift from 3D to 4D vibration (awareness level). The problem is that there is a major hurdle in this shift and that is that in 3D there are major conflicts, both individually and globally.

In 4D, however, these conflicts are not allowed, they do not match the higher vibration, and as such these conflicts must be solved before progressing to a higher dimension. It's as if a 2nd grader can't hope to graduate into 3rd grade without first getting passing grades in all 2nd-grade subjects.

The solution of major latent conflicts, which have smoldered for years, decades, and even more "under the vines" and which have gathered during this time some enormous conflict tensions (negative energies) can only be solved in 2 main ways:

- Long term: Communication through diplomacy, mediation by third parties, the exercise by all those involved of feelings and higher principles (in practice not only in theory) of Acceptance, desire for Understanding, desire for Peace, giving up Revenge (like eye for an eye). In this way, the negative energies are released slowly in the long run, little by little, without destabilizing the balance much.

- Short term: here we are talking about the release of the energies accumulated by the Explosion, so all at once in a very short term. Here we are talking about wars like the one in Ukraine now, or the WWI and II, or the current local ones such as in Africa, Asia, South America. Also belonging to such explosions are the 9/11 terrorist attacks, either real or false flag, the epidemics like Covid, but also those of poliomyelitis, Spanish flu, smallpox, plague, cholera, from the recent past.

What is important to understand is that this universe is based on a set of fundamental laws that act as the Windows operating system for computers, that is, they are mandatory and cannot be bypassed and they govern everything. One of these fundamental laws states that "Energy must remain in balance," that is, if an external factor unbalances energy somewhere in the universe, then automatic mechanisms will act to restore balance.

subconscious beliefs release and the awareness level

The characteristic of the 3D vibration level is the Conflict, both internally in each ordinary person, and at the national level. Conflicts are the result of limiting subconscious beliefs, such as "I deserve to take from others even if I don't give anything in return", "everyone is a thief so why should I restrain myself?", "It's important I should be well and I don't care about the others "," I'm not good at anything " and so on.

Each belief produces energy in accordance to its vibration and over time produces enough problems for that person, but multiplied by almost 8 billion people the amount of negative energy gathered is huge and must be automatically rebalanced.

This mechanism and the period of "rebalancing", or "release of negative energy" has always existed but in smaller amounts as long as the energies on the planet were of medium order, as they were in the last few thousand years… But now, starting with the period of the 1950s and with constant and increasing acceleration, which culminated in the energy leap around 2012, makes the flow of events of this kind increase more and more both in density and magnitude, creating a state of agitation, anxiety, and insecurity in many.

Of course, if we talk in 3D terms, then we are talking about causes such as conflicts between the great powers, geopolitical conflicts, resources, refugee crisis management, famines, etc. But all these 3D causes have their origins in higher dimensions, in 4D and above in fact.

It can be stated that humanity is now going through the 3D graduation test to progress in 4D as vibration. But the tests, as you can see, the graduation exams so to speak, are difficult because the old habits are very difficult to change both individually and nationally, but also at the species level.

Looking at the future timelines, I predict that the next 2-5 years will be really turbulent and will lead to a peak of energy release and rebalancing at the humanity level, and that will not be comfortable at all down here, physically.

All we can do is change ourselves for the better so that by freeing ourselves from the control of such energies and subconscious beliefs we keep our distance from these events. If we "rise" above them, solutions will always be found.

I wish you all my love and a lot of inspiration, peace in your soul, and to find the way of your soul in these challenging times.


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