Twin flame vs Soulmate meaning

Updated: Aug 11

A twin flame is not the same as a soulmate contrary to popular beliefs.

If you are wondering whether you’ve met your twin flame or your soulmate, know there is a lot of confusion between the two. There is a number of tell-tale signs but they need to be corroborated with a number of signs as I will be showing you further in this post.

I watched over years such souls and watched their behavior, energies, and awareness levels and came to some findings I would like to share with you to clear things up between the two.

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Twin flame vs Soulmate meaning

How do souls originate

First I need to give you a general idea about how souls originate because it plays a role in our discussion.

The original Source of Creation is the Original Consciousness which we all are part of, and who’s at an amazing height of vibration. Well, in order to grow further as vibration (awareness level) the Source needs to gather more experiences to grow even further as awareness. Therefore, it splits herself in countless smaller fragments of very different vibrations, fragments that we generally call souls; these souls have no energy whatsoever, they are just consciousness each with a specific level of awareness. The awareness level of a soul means his vibration at one point in time measured on the chakra scale.

To be able to experiment around, the Source built out of energy the Creation, which is the stage on which souls use bodies (instruments made of energy) to experiment different lives. Creation means everything we perceive by our 5 senses (e.g. the planet, nature, other people, buildings, stars, planets), and what science can also record using instruments (e.g. microbes, cells, neutrons, protons, distant galaxies). A soul uses the body to experiment a life against other bodies used by other souls on a planet.

The goal of each soul is to increase its level of awareness by experiencing different lives, and feed their experiences back to the Source and hence raise the Source awareness.

After a soul uses the instrument (the body) long enough in life and wears it out, it discards it upon the body’s death, but taking with him the experiences gathered until then. It prepares then for the next life where again it gets other bodies to experiment further to increase his awareness.

In this universe, a soul splits from a 7D (7th chakra level of vibration, or Dimension of vibration) who’s at enlightenment level, down on 6D dimension vibration level, and each soul of 6D split in his turn into 10-12 souls of 5D vibration level, and so on until we get souls of 3D vibration level, like the ones who are embodied in the large majority on Earth. So from each 7D souls several thousand 3D souls come down for embodiment on a planet or another to seek life experiences.

If two souls are split from the same parent-soul they are considered as being part of the same primary-group of souls, since they are both very closely related as being part of the same parent-soul. They share many more traits than souls who come from different 7D parent-souls; ultimately they are siblings in the same soul-family.

The feminine and masculine aspects

To discern further between twin souls and soulmates I need to introduce you to the feminine and masculine aspects.

An Aspect has nothing to do with whether we are a man or a woman, it means how a person sees and approaches life. The aspects are meant to complement each other.

For instance, the masculine aspect is more of a builder, draws and follows plans, has direction, is focused, has ambition, has a compass, but doesn’t have access to energy (e.g. intuition, sensitivity to energies, connection with higher dimensions).

The feminine aspect means nurturing others, is triggered by emotions mainly, has lots of empathy and tenderness, has intuition, has full access to energy and gives it to others etc. On the other hand, can’t follow a plan, doesn’t judge, it’s very difficult to take decisions, and so on.

Both aspects can have positive or negative attributes obviously, depending on the person’s choices in life. The two aspects were designed to ideally complement each other.

Whether we are more masculine or feminine biased is definitory for what we are in life. It’s a mix of our sex, body features, DNA genes, subconscious beliefs, and soul plan in this life.

What is a soulmate

The universe's mechanisms support us in finding our appropriate soulmate at a given point in time, because a soulmate is our best mate in learning a life lesson. The intensity of a relationship with a soulmate can vary but is generally within a reasonable range. Throughout a life, we meet tenths and even hundreds of soulmates who help us on our life path, and in return we help them on their life path. It’s kind of a balanced relation.

Soulmates can be parents, siblings, other family members, friends, job colleagues, acquaintances, role-models in our life, heroes in the books we read, paintings we admire, etc. Just about everybody we care about and we measure us against one way or the other. Certainly, the closer they are in relation to us the more they influence us, whether in raising our awareness or decreasing it; nevertheless, ultimately everything is a life experience.

Souls who act as our soulmates are not from our primary soul-group, but split from some other parent-souls. Therefore, there are all sorts of differences on very many levels between us and a soulmate that acts as complementary to us, and provide us with lots of things to learn to increase our awareness, which is good.

Bottom line, soulmates complement each other concerning a specific life lesson or a set of them.

Soulmates, twin flames, lovers, awareness, life lesson
Soulmates and twin flames

What is a twin flame

On the other hand, a twin flame relationship is an exception to the usual soulmate meeting mechanism. Twin flame relations are known to be very intense and challenging, and there are reasons for this.

Twin flames are souls split from the same parent-soul, and therefore both part of the primary-group of souls.

One reason is that when souls split from the same parent-soul they retain different versions of the same features of that specific parent-soul. Just that one retains more the feminine aspect while his sibling soul the masculine aspect of that same feature. A feature can be for instance how that parent-soul sees the lesson of greed for instance. In case of a close relationship between the two siblings-souls the energy exchange and hence intensity of events they live together is close to unbearable! It’s like incest between the two in spiritual terms since they are too close as vibration, affinity, and energies, they are family after all.

Because of this fundamental aspect, energy flows unhindered between the two siblings-souls with a great intensity that puts a great strain on both of them. On the other hand, this is not the case for soulmates who come from different parent-souls where so many differences are between them that keep down the energy exchange.

Due to the differences between the soulmates things go slower since the two are different and therefore all sorts of hurdles need to be overcome, and energy exchange between the two is in a reasonable range.

Another reason is that the two reflect too much the same higher soul, and as stated above the Original Source split herself specifically to ensure diversity among souls, to offer a dynamic so to allow souls to learn new and interesting life lessons, and ultimately enrich awareness. If two souls are too close to one another, it beats the original purpose of the existence of the original Creation, of Source herself! True, it’s an amazingly thrilling experience but doesn’t produce enough new awareness as in the case of a typical soulmate relationship. The difference between souls in a typical soulmate relationship, who have very different points about the world so to say, generates novelty and an awareness increase.

This is why some specific mechanisms are built into Creation so as not to meet such soul siblings like our twin souls, since such relationships won’t produce really new and interesting lessons like when meeting a soulmate. As always, exceptions are allowed, and such meetings between twin souls do happen, even if very rare, and even less often are happy since the energies and mechanisms in Creation do not really support them. Creation on the other hand allows just about any experience however seldom it is…

Signs of meeting a soulmate or twin flame

There are a few signs you could point to a twin flame relationship:

  • Multiple similarities, rather uncanny. You are actually looking in a mirror in your twin flame.

  • An inexplicable torrent of synchronicities never happened before. You two are carving the energies around in the same way, since you both share the same roots.

  • Sense that you’re meeting yourself. This is to be expected since you are part of the same soul-family

  • Deep connection close to the level of telepathy. You both vibrate in the same range and also have your affinity channel open, so no wonder here.

  • The meeting upsets completely your life, like you were an accountant in Chicago for 20 years with the most average life and prospects, and in no time after you find yourself hunting whales in Japan, or a pirate in Somalia.

Soulmates are not only love partners as many think, this niche aspect was hyped by Hollywood and the entertainment industry because it brought lots of money. Actually, this thing with love partner is a minority of cases concerning soulmates. The majority of soulmates are not romantic soulmates and their mission is to teach you lessons about yourself, and you teach them in return.

Moreover, they can be both positive or negative personalities but are nevertheless soulmates that teach you something.

There are specific signs for both the positive or negative soulmates .

Positive soulmates are the ones with whom you have a good and open relationship, friendly, romantic or not, but certainly constructive.

Signs for a positive soulmate relationship:

  • You recognize instantly that soul is important in your life

  • You trust and respect each other

  • They came into your life at the exact right time

  • You feel one another’s pain or happiness

  • You feel at home with them

  • He/she is always in your thoughts

  • You balance each other out

  • There’s an unspoken understanding

  • Sparks fly when you’re together

  • You can be your true self

In the case of a negative personality soulmates things are a bit more complicated. Generally, you are with them in an aggressor-victim relationship, like he is your wicked boss, mischievous brother, dominant father, arrogant uncle, scheming job colleague, and so on.

Nevertheless, there are signs for these negative soulmates relationships as well:

  • You feel they have an important role in your life, but can’t tell which

  • He/she is always in your thoughts

  • You have a feeling of being trapped, and you would do anything to leave the relationship but circumstances won’t allow you. Until you understand the lesson the energies involved won’t allow you to leave.

  • If you are aware spiritually, you feel there is a lesson there for you to learn but you’re not sure which

Just about any soul in your circle of friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances can morph into a soulmate. On the other hand, to meet a twin soul is extremely rare as I mentioned above, and this is fortunate due to the intensity and challenges it puts.

Concerning love, it’s safe to wish you meet your love soulmate by all means but not your twin flame, unless you are adrenaline-addicted or ready to do anything for your twin flame.

If you seek to know your true compatibility with a potential partner, not using astrology but soul and destiny compatibility, and among many other parameters find if he/she is a soulmate or twin flame for you, you can use the Compatibility for Lovers service.


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