How do you find your soulmate

Updated: Jun 17

How do you find your soulmate
How do you find your soulmate

We are attracted to each other to learn our life lessons

A soul comes on the planet and embodies to experiment life and enrich himself with experiences. Along life he/she deals with experiences sometimes better and sometimes less so, and depending on the circumstances and the phase in their life, two persons will automatically be attracted to each other to complement their needs in reaching their life goals at one moment.

For example, if one person has in plan to experiment jealousy he/she will be attracted automatically by a person that will provoke him jealousy crises; this is an example of a “soulmate” … I know, I know, everybody thinks that being with a soulmate should be something of a bliss but that’s wrong. “Soulmate” is the one that enables you at one point in time to fulfill the fastest your specific life lesson …. and you help him (as his soulmate) reciprocally to fulfill his. Then you go to the next lesson/experience and the next soulmate, and so on.

We all are antennas

Since energetically we are antennas, we emit around us every second our own vibration we reached at one point in life, and we also receive other people’s emissions, hence we are automatically attracted to persons who have similar emission as us, or to persons who are very complementary with us on a specific lesson (e.g. aggressor - victim).

Therefore, in pairs or in groups, we go through life and are attracted to soulmates that help us fulfill our destiny, and in turn we are soulmates for other persons to help them fulfill their destiny.

This is the basic Creation mechanism to ensure embodied souls the opportunities to evolve … or not, ultimately they have free will in their choices.

When two persons who are in some kind of relationship, whether of love, friendship, family, or of some similar kind, find that after a number of years of feeling good together they start suddenly or progressively not to feel the same common vibe as before, then that's the sign they get from Creation that their path as soulmates has come to an end. Because of inertia and fears, many such couples or friends insist on still staying in contact, they oppose the split, they ignore that much higher and powerful forces are in place that govern their destiny. They are actually beaconed to move on with their life to the next soulmate, to other life lessons they have in their divine agenda as souls.

This Hollywood kind display of soulmates as something romantic, blissful, etc promotes just a very narrow subset of what a true soulmate is (but is predominant in movies since it involves sex who certainly will attract audiences and hence big revenues :) ), that but gained worldwide reputation because of its wrapping in a romantic veil which gained the hearts of the feminine audience especially ….

It has nothing to do with how Creation mechanisms work.


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