What is the relationship between Astrology and Spirituality

Updated: May 19

Astrology, astronomy and energy fields

We must understand that the universe including our solar system functions like a perfect clock, and as such at each point in time the large cosmic bodies like stars, planets, galaxies etc change their positions against each other and therefore their radiation fields, whether electromagnetic, gravity and others not yet detected, change their angle of influence to other bodies. When only large cosmic bodies are involved the science that deals with this is called astronomy, while the science that deals with the influence of these large bodies radiation on people is called astrology.

Along a year there are all sorts of very complex combinations of radiation fields from cosmic bodies around on people on Earth, and there is inherently a cyclicity of these combinations and this is why one can say the time-flow is not linear but in a spiral … Well, each such complex energy field structures represents a vibration pattern that reflects in each human body differently. Upon birth such a specific pattern is imprinted in the new born body, and belongs actually to the life lessons a soul came down here to experience. These energy patterns help guide a soul in experiencing the main life lessons he has chosen for that life, since a body is just an energy complex that is influenced by these other energies.

As such, a person is “gently” pushed by these energy patterns towards the life scenarios or experiences that best fulfill his destiny (main life lessons) according to his initial plan agreed before incarnation.

Spirituality, free will, and destiny

Now the nice part comes: we all are gifted with free will, so we can choose to go with the flow of energies and thus with the life events and not oppose to them, and things will rather run smoothly (some call this higher understanding enlightenment) … Since on the other hand this humanity is in a very low vibration (3D), it’s subconscious is full of beliefs and prejudices coming from family, school, religion, friends, mass-media, society etc that generally make the person oppose to the natural flow, and from this troubles start … :)

This is not bad per se, it’s actually typical for such a dualistic world like ours, it’s just that a soul will need many lives, i.e. returning here for embodiment, to grasp a life lesson, compared with worlds in higher vibration like in 4D, 5D and so on.

Since the cosmic bodies around revolve in cycles, a lesson or another is favored at one point in time for a specific person, and if at one cycle the lesson is passed at the next cycle, when the circumstances of that lesson are again triggered, that soul won’t oppose to it since the lesson was already passed and the person will move on to the next lesson ...

If on the other hand the lesson was not passed, when the circumstances will automatically return and the person is “hit” again with the same lesson and unpleasant outcomes occur, many will start complaining that she/he’s got bad luck, God doesn’t help him, life is hard, people are mean, etc … Moreover, at the next cycle of the same lesson things generally escalate and are worse than before, and some are pushed into desperation because they will do anything else but to avoid looking into themselves and acknowledge what they opposed to from the beginning.

We certainly have guides including our soul that help us giving us advice about all these, but from experience very few people truly listen to them....


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