What are the experiences felt by a person when kundalini in his root chakra awakens?

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What are the experiences felt by a person when his root chakra awakens?

Root chakra and its role

Since quite some time now there is a fashion among spirituals, and to be found also in many spiritual schools, to engage from start in trying to open as much as possible the root chakra.

What I will share with you here is from my own experiences over many years, and after also watching several true higher souls in their endeavors of spiritual growth. Therefore, I advise you that if you are a beginner in meditation, say have less than 2-3 years of continuous spiritual experience, not to touch the root chakra from the start of your practice, unless you want to risk serious issues.

The root chakra is the main gate of entrance of Earth's energy that feeds our body energy fields, and basically keeps our body alive moment by moment. Majority of people thinks that our body is maintained just by the energy we get from eating, drinking, and breathing. Actually, a large part of our energy comes from Earth through our feet, enters our root chakra, and then starts to rise along our spine and feeding our body organs.

The root chakra is the most closed of all chakras in the average person, it’s open just around 3-4%, so to open it up more like to 20-30% is very difficult. Actually, it can't be open 100% for such low body vibrations as the usual 3D (D - dimension of vibration, or awareness level on chakra scale) person is.

Root chakra, siddhis, and kundalini rising symptoms

It is true that once in one billion cases maybe, there are documented spontaneous inner combustion cases, when a non-spiritual person just bursts into flames and is consumed in minutes because of “accidental” kundalini surge upwards the spine. But the probability for such a misfortune increases a lot by many orders of magnitude if one plays the “wizard's apprentice” and rasps the root chakra unknowingly.

How you know you got the root chakra really opened at least say 30-50%, which is a lot? Well, there are several signs like often jolts of energy through the spine, the body starts to feel different like not so rigid anymore kind of made of plasticine whatever your age is, activation of “lower siddhis” (corresponds to the inferior chakras) like starting to see in a wider range of frequencies (e.g. seeing energies and entities), start to feel energy movements of Mother Earth (since you opened a connection to Her now), forecast major Earth events not known by normal people, move energy through your body just by intent, connect easily with animals and plants, influence body organs function, etc. At least 4-5 of these must be activated currently to draw the conclusion that the root chakra got activated a lot.

In any person there are latent/dormant abilities (sanskr. siddhis) that thousands of years ago for instance the ancient druids in ancient British islands, or masters in ancient Egypt, India, Tibet, China, were working on life after life to activate, and hence master the nature and cosmic energies in service of the communities and tribes they headed. They became very powerful when eventually activating these abilities, since they controlled the kundalini energy and its ascension through their chakras, and could further connect and govern the souls, plants, animals, and nature around in the service of their community.

This is why an invader tried to get rid of them first so to subdue more easily the people in the region they tried to conquer. For instance, Julius Cesaer gave the order to kill all druids when he invaded Britain in 1st century BCE.

Let me tell you that Buddha, Yogananda, Vivekananda, and other fully enlightened souls (their soul vibration reached 7th chakra vibration) didn’t have their root chakra fully open, it was open between 30% and max 50% (actually they didn’t need it more) at the end of their lives.

chakras opening / activation

After cleansing yourself of limiting beliefs and opening more than 30% your other higher chakras, one can work safely to open his root chakra more to ensure a higher flow of Earth energy (kundalini) in your body which is useful obviously, for your health at least.

But striving to open the root chakra more than say 30-50% has no purpose in general unless one aims for physical ascension (turning your body into light), which is nevertheless much more difficult to achieve than the usual spiritual ascension that leads to enlightenment. To work towards opening the root chakra over 50% takes lots of effort and time, and might impact the time spent on working on your soul awareness for instance.

I advise anyone to keep a balance between raising one's soul awareness, and separately his body vibration. One needs to use his spiritual discernment, or rely on his master/guru's spiritual discernment, to guide him correctly in this respect.


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

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