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Heal your root chakra and activate kundalini – A Step-by-Step Guide

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The root chakra is the main source of energy for our entire body. In his turn, the root chakra draws its energy from Mother Earth’s energy, as I have shown in another post concerned with this subject.

To raise both our soul and body vibration, we need to unlock the powerful energy of our root chakra and awaken the kundalini to transform our physical and spiritual health. This guide will provide you with insight on how to heal, open, and activate the root chakra, as well as how to awaken kundalini energy safely and move forth to kundalini rising.

Unlocking our root chakra has many benefits like improved health, new spiritual abilities activated, and a sense of wellness and balance.

Learn the significance of the root chakra

The root chakra, located at the base of your spine, represents the foundation of your physical and spiritual health. The root chakra is where energy flows into your body and activates the Kundalini (kundalini awakening) – a powerful energy that runs along your spine and carries spiritual balancing, natural healing, and higher awareness. When balanced, it increases personal growth and inner strength which can lead to enhanced emotional stability happiness, balance, and wisdom.

Root chakra, root chakra healing, kundalini awakening, kundalini rising
Root chakra healing

Be aware that kundalini energy rising was designed to be a result of a proper spiritual awakening and progress. Trying to trigger a kundalini awakening by skipping a spiritual practice to reach spiritual awakening can lead a spiritual into issues. There are some spiritual stages that have to be followed properly.

Kundalini energy can be awakened through certain mantras, breathing exercises, and meditations. When the root chakra’s energies become balanced, kundalini is activated, allowing you to move into higher states of consciousness and ultimately connect with your higher self.

For root chakra healing, it’s important to be aware of your own needs and take action. Meditation, a spiritual practice like yoga, and journaling can help bring you into balance. We need to understand that the root chakra is influenced by the limiting beliefs that belong to survival fears in all forms. If we hold on to survival fears for too long in our subconscious, we will keep our root chakra barely open, and therefore only a narrow flow of kundalini energy will feed our body organs throughout the other chakras in our body.

Furthermore, eating grounding foods such as root vegetables can also nourish the root chakra. Check here the food vibration chart post that gives you more details about the food vibration levels.

Chanting mantras or practicing positive affirmations are some powerful ways to tap into your chakras and develop a relationship with the Kundalini energy within. By focusing on bringing awareness to this energy center and engaging in activities that promote wellness and connection within yourself, you can experience deep healing for your body and soul.

Relationship between kundalini energy, kundalini awakening, and kundalini rising

Less know is the relationship between kundalini energy, kundalini awakening, and kundalini rising. As people in this 3D vibration world, we gather over life a lot of limiting beliefs and lower vibration energies that become part of us. They are the source of our troubles in life! These energies permeate our entire body to the cell level, and even to the DNA level. This is why one needs to get rid of these if he aims to grow spiritually, to raise his soul and body awareness (vibration).

These limiting beliefs and negative beliefs affect also our root chakra and energies there. As mentioned before the root chakra is mostly impacted by survival fears. Therefore, before attempting to awaken our kundalini and start rising it, we first need to address and heal the root chakra, the kundalini energies there since they are contaminated. Trying to push up forcefully a "contaminated" kundalini energy risks triggering serious troubles in the process of kundalini rising and soul growth.

Hence, the steps to correctly reach a kundalini rising in our Sushumna channel are::

1. Root chakra healing

2. Kundalini awakening/activate/open

3. Kundalini rising

If one tries to skip a step of the above ones, specific dangers might occur in the process of his spiritual progress. Actually, skipping the root chakra healing step is one of the main causes of failed kundalini awakening.

Identify and address blockages in the root chakra

Blockages of energy in your root chakra can be caused by

  1. physical,

  2. emotional

  3. spiritual conditions

that prevent the free flow of life force energy throughout your body. Recognizing and understanding the root cause behind these blockages is an important part of the healing process. To do this, pay attention to your physical sensations and notice any mental patterns (caused by limiting beliefs) that may be affecting how you view yourself and your place in the world.

About root chakra, root chakra healing, kundalini awakening, kundalini rising
Kundalini rising

Meditation is also a wonderful way to become more connected with yourself and your emotions. Kundalini meditation is designed to seek out and target blockages in the root chakra, which helps you to restore harmony throughout your entire body. You can do this through meditation, chakra balancing, mantras, or other forms of energy work.

The Kundalini awakening process comes naturally after healing your root chakra and is a powerful process that helps to unblock and cleanse stagnant energy. Kundalini activation can be also obtained also by Shaktipat, a process where a higher soul will open your third eye chakra. In certain circumstances, if the disciple is ready, this event can also trigger a kundalini activation/awakening.

Kundalini awakening will help you access the root cause behind energetic blockages, address these underlying issues, and free yourself from any limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, especially in the lower chakras.

Techniques to release negative energy into your root chakra

After recognizing and understanding the cause of your blockages, use various techniques to release negative energy that has been settled deep in your root chakra.

This can include:

  • survival beliefs releasing

  • affirmations and visualizations,

  • sound healing

  • mantras

  • breathing exercises

These techniques are designed to shift and clear blocked energies, so be sure to set aside time each day for dedicated practice. You may also find it helpful to work with a qualified spiritual healer or teacher who is experienced in these practices. Kundalini cleaning can be a powerful tool for root chakra healing. From my experience as a spiritual guide, I strongly advise you to ask for the assistance of an experienced practitioner or healer in this process that can assist you on this journey.

Practice meditation and visualization exercises to strengthen your root chakra

Meditation can be a powerful and effective tool for root chakra healing.

A simple procedure to clean your root chakra is:

  • Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to relax, picturing any tension or fear gradually melting away.

  • Visualize a red chakra symbol spinning at the base of your spine – focus on it for as long as you’d like and imagine yourself letting go of all your troubles and embracing inner peace.

  • Combine this visualization exercise with grounding affirmations such as “I am strong,” “I am secure,” or “I am safe.” Repeating simple phrases that make you feel safe and grounded, such as these will help to balance and energize the root chakra.

Become part of an appropriate spiritual school to assist you in this like kundalini yoga, Body & Soul Ascension Mastery, or a Qigong school, etc which can also be beneficial in your root chakra healing journeys. Kundalini focuses heavily on breathwork, mudras, and movement, all of which are powerful tools for uprooting any negative energy or blockages located in the root chakra.

Work on affirmations and mantras that resonate with you

Mantras and affirmations are powerful tools to help activate Kundalini energy within your root chakra. As you meditate, try repeating mantras and affirmations that resonate with you.

Some examples include “My body is healthy, whole, and strong” or “I choose to embrace the power of the Universal Spirit within me.” Whichever mantra or affirmation you repeat, focus on visualizing its inherent power entering your root chakra as you internalize it during meditation. Doing this will slowly but surely balance your root chakra and empower your Kundalini energy.

Visualization plays an important part in this process, too.

  • During your meditation sessions, start by taking deep breaths and relaxing.

  • Once you settle comfortably into a meditation rhythm, visualize the root chakra color of red at the base of your spine.

  • As you repeat the mantra or affirmation, think about its energy spiraling with each spin of the chakra wheel up through your entire body until it reaches the crown of your head.

  • Every time you repeat these mantras and affirmations, imagine the energy becoming brighter and brighter with each repetition until it sparkles into an exquisite bright red hue -- a color that signifies a balanced root chakra.


From my own practice in guiding students throughout this process, I can confirm that this long process of root chakra healing, kundalini activation, kundalini awakening, and kundalini rising is demanding, and it’s risky to try doing it on your own. There are known risks associated with this process that can be avoided with a bit of caution.

On the other hand, if you successfully move through this process the rewards are immense and another world of much higher vibrations, perceptions, and abilities will open to you!


You can learn more by reading other posts in this spiritual site that are coming from a very different and fresh angle than spiritual mainstream, and based on a very long and personal experience and hands-on research, and not from books.

You might also consider a service like Psychic Readings in the Services section of this site from the ones listed here and get a spiritual diagnosis, or Healing limiting beliefs, or Compatibility for lovers, or attend my spiritual School of Body and Soul Ascension Mastery so to raise your body and soul awareness and reach into higher dimensions.



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